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This book

Go read it here: loveloveshineshine.smackjeeves…

CYS!{HORROR ED.}(Part 24) You ignore the office for now, you need to get out of there for now. You find yourself in a poorly lit underground tunnel. You hear a scream in one direction. 

3 deviants said Head towards the scream
2 deviants said Ignore it



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OC Training shall be bit late, I'll post tmmr night TTwTT Sorry~ k thnx bye
been attending anime cons in the weekends :P commenting day is on Wednesdys
Flipping a coin time again!~ for either cancer or robotics XD
Hi everybody!

It's fine time I'm updating what I'm up to again

Did ya hear the latest news?!! I won :iconregicideoct:!!! AAA:iconexcitedlaplz:
But that doesn't mean I'm done with it :) I'm working on the epilogue, as well as planning to put up the SEs (I haven't started writing the SEs TTwTT bear with me) yknow, to close things up.
I've been noting some judges on a couple of things but haven't got replies back yet, (mostly regarding judge characters plots) but I would still work on it regardless over the next month or so.

I've been designing a new design of Gin!! Been meaning to, and also I want to use him again after Regicide in another OCT, and what I have in store for him is pretty interesting :D A lot of motivation to do this was from talking to my friend :iconomnomx2: who refers him as Theo kun~!! (Lol)
Anyway, you'll prob see him soon, after I clear my current OCTs projects :)

Memory-OCT is still judging time... I dunno if I'll go to the next round (prob not)(and really wishing Vertex gets to move onto the next round cauz she's totally worth it!! =w=) but I got plans on making fanarts and the like for the other participants because seriously so many great artists with great characters in this OCT, I just can't not :D

I also gonna go into :iconoc-training: again :) And this time, I'm putting in Marietta! Yepppp it's weird I'm putting her in, but I got my reasons. Aside from Scatherdust hype, she also needs more development. So look forward to that!


Enough with OCT related talking though. XD

Like you may know, I'm working to put up Scatherdust as a running webcomic or something. The problem is I am still currently underdeveloped with some plot devices, characters and just simply drawing out the setting and objects (goddamnit why did I pick 20th century)... so it's going to be a while till I get a working webcomic.... BUT you'll see more arts regarding Scatherdust and development in my dA and tumblr :) So JOY

While I'm doing that, I've been thinking of starting some sort of short story mangas. They are stories I wanted to draw for some time, and also it would be a nice practice for comic writing and use of manga effects (I have been practicing screen tones, if you haven't noticed :P)
Been sharing ideas with my friend :iconomnomx2: and welp so many spoilt influences
They are both romance-comedy-drama genres, and one of them includes a harem style X'D (oh god help)

So these are some projects I will be working on within the year (hopefully) at least

Till next time!



I'm listing OCTs so I can access them directly from my profile page
:iconcontamination-otc: SE COMPLETED See…
:iconzenith-oct: Season 3 (out, watching)
:iconhousemates-oct: To post up Sketchies
:iconregicideoct: I WON!!! OHOHOHOH (Epilogue in progress)
:iconmemory-oct: Round 1 (Judging) (fan arts to do ^^)
:iconthecure-oct: -on hold-
:iconarcade-arena-oct: -on hold-
:iconthefactory-oct: -construction-
:iconfarewill: -construction-
:iconescapetheidentityoct: (entering) Auditions end October


:icontwo-cents-worth: (Closed)
:iconcallers-of-dragons: (Closed)


Feel free to talk to me :) I don't bite

Love to do art trades, commissions, gifts, favours, pokes, whatever. Just bother me with something or feel free to note me!


Petrotasia's Profile Picture
Current Residence: Australia
Studying: Occupational Therapy

Hello!! I'm a nobody in particular who loves art. I love drawing and making characters and comics as well as looking at other people's arts, that's why I joined dA.

I got no level or degree whatsoever, mainly self-taught.
I started drawing since I was three!! ehe and I've been drawing ever since then ^^

My art interests are wide-ranged, so I also do photography, plushies making, literature and music

Feel free to talk to me :)


Definite Target:…
LoveLove ShineShine: loveloveshineshine.smackjeeves…


Other stuff




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